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Air Demerara Inc.
Guyana's National Airline Launching 2021


Nonstop Service to:

Focusing on offering the highest quality, most reliable and convenient service, Air Demerara will operate out of both Eugene F. Correia International Airport (Ogle) and Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Flying Green

The Amazon rainforest is known for being the “Lungs of the Planet” and Air Demerara is acutely aware of the need to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Therefore, Air Demerara will be operating the most fuel-efficient aircraft with state-of-the-art technology, while also contributing a portion of our revenue to offset our carbon emissions. Air Demerara is partnering with the Government of Guyana and the Ministry of Forestry to dedicate a percentage of each ticket sale to Guyana’s much needed forest conservation efforts.


Based in Guyana, Air Demerara will be actively sponsoring and supporting events, individuals, and small companies within the country that hold the same desire to better our communities.


Air Demerara is partnering with leading aircraft manufacturers to give current and future generations in Guyana and surrounding nations the ability to gain the knowledge necessary for success in the aviation industry by creating a flight training and engineering academy.

Hiring Local

Air Demerara plans on recruiting and retaining local Guyanese to give the best service imaginable with the highest pay scale, and best job environment possible to ensure our employees’ longevity and satisfaction. Air Demerara will also establish a profit sharing program for employees.